Meet the Fuel

This page is dedicated to my friends- my adventure partners!

You will see their faces pop in my photos and their names in my stories. I made this page so you can get to know my friends a little better and see what they are up too. Because every time you participate or engage with skiingistheanswer you are supporting my friends and their (adventure) dreams ! I thought you might want to know who you are supporting- especially because some of them are doing super awesome things- things that might just inspire you !

The story that inspired Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro with the fuel.

Silly Tilly- An Artistic Adventure

I saw you dancing & I thought, I’d like to meet her!” Maji told me as we rode up a chairlift together. She was the first person I met out on the hill when I started skiing at Big Sky & shortly after began painting together.  

I am always looking to connect with others through my artwork and I am deeply encouraged to have Maji as a friend as we both pursue our passions as an alternate career path. Like Maji, I’m seeking to reach others on a spiritual level, using my artwork to encourage those I meet. As the Bible verse says,

“Encourage one another & build each other up, just as you are doing!” (1 Thes. 5:11)

  • Dream Trip:My dream trip would be a continuous trip around the world over a span of the rest of my life! With rest breaks of course! But really, I did go on a trip that had been a dream for a long time, to ski in New Zealand and I went with the love of my life so that was pretty fulfilling! Now I’d like to go to the South America Ski spots, heli-skiing anywhere, Switzerland, Alaska & Everwhere. ….With my best friends and my husband Sam!
  • Motivation: Painting, being in nature, and being with the people I love. I just wanna enjoy every moment and do my best to be kind to others!
  • Fears to Conquer: Fear itself
  • Snow Prayer :With worship, awe, and getting out in it!

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I’ve always wanted my photography to be about helping others – getting paid to do it never makes me feel right or good about it. I want it to bring a smile to someone’s face, to help them see their beautiful self, I hate altering images. It’s my lifelong project at this point and it makes me so happy to carry a camera everywhere with me.

  • Dream Trip: Patagonia Mountains – they have been my mountainous dream for years on end and I would hope to mountain bike, ski, hike, and spend a lot of time reflecting there.
  • Motivation: Any day could be my last, I want to make sure I’ve done something that day that brings a smile to my face. Sometimes it’s going outside, sometimes it’s taken a bath.
  • Fears to Conquer: My fear of water.
  • Snow Prayer: Recycling our trash and dropping ice cubes into the toilet while I drink beer and dance around and call out Ullr’s name.

  • Dream Trip: I would like to create a retreat in nature in a tropical location like Thailand. Have a group of 20 people come and commit to living cooperatively with one another. Take trekking trips into the jungle, do yoga, garden and make healthy meals together, read books in a hammock, meditate daily, and have plant medicine ceremony. Lots of space for journaling and sharing and some group adventure that involves teamwork. The idea is to bring people together in physical community to create connection to their truest self and others. Then go back into the world energized to create positive change and aligned with their purpose. I plan to create such a retreat through my brand People of Purpose.
  • Motivation: Knowing that I have a responsibility to tune my attitude for the ripples of impact I get to bring to this world through living out my purpose and being a conduit of love and connection.
  • Fear to Conquer: I would like to conquer my fear of forgetting important insights. To trust that the insights will stay with me and fully unfold themself at the right time and space to take full intentional action.

Link to People of Purpose Podcast


  • Dream Trip: I would probably go down to New Zealand and ski with Keaun and the Shire Rats Gang. Just spend the whole winter down there and explore both islands. Or go to Chile and ski there for a winter learning Spanish and exploring the Andes.
  • Motivation: Work usually motivates me to get out of bed. Or a fat powder day. That is the best motivation! And skiing is the answer to the Ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything!
  • Fears to Conquer: The fear that winter will fade away from climate change 🙁
  • Snow Prayer: Usually burn a ski or two, or a snowboard, for Ullr around Halloween. Then I just continually pray to the Gods that we get snow. Jesus too. If he can turn water into wine, then I know he can make it snow. Just turn that water into fat flakes!


  • Dream Trip: Japow with her favorite lady shredders!
  • Motivation : Having fun with your friends and motivating each other to be better is what gets me out of bed every day
  • Fear to Conquer: Falling off something steep
  • Snow Prayer : I like to ski naked and do snow shrine sessions with my roommate. It has worked so far!


  • Dream Trip: Japan(with Jordan and anyone else who wants to come), and take a train to a ski area and drink tea and ski and soak in hot springs or tubs whatever they have. Oh and eat sushi! And ramen!
  • Motivation: My dogs, whatever adventure I have planned for that week/month, and just being alive.
  • Fears to Conquer : Going backpacking by myself.
  • Snow Prayer : Cheer it on when it’s falling.

Liz and Louischrist Super Star

  • Dream Trip: an extended tour through Great Britain and Europe. Ideally I’d like to have friends that are local or at least familiar with the area: I’m not really interested in seeing the “obvious” sites that could be considered tourist traps, and I definitely don’t want to eat food that has been “americanized.” I love history, but I love even more to hear how history affected individuals, and to try to step into their experience.
  • Motivation: My greatest motivation is to make my family proud of me! I want to be confident in the knowledge that I’ve built myself a big sexy brain, a strong, capable body, and that each day I go to sleep knowing that I’ve done the best I can to show gratitude and appreciation for the generous gifts I’ve been given in this life!
  • Fears to Conquer:SO MANY! But…. I’m not stressed about that: I hold bravery/courage as one of the most desirable, admirable, and defining characteristics a person can possess, and firmly feel that the only time a person can be brave is when they are afraid. The kind of person that is afraid but does what scares them anyway is the kind of person I want to be, and want to be around.
  • Prayer for Snow: TITS OUT FOR ULLR!!!!


  • Dream Trip: I would go hike the mount la blanc trail. Most likely by myself not to many people want to go hike for a few days.
  • Motivation: Life. I like to get up and get to experience whatever the day has to offer good or bad.
  • Fears to Conquer: Spiders
  • Snow Prayer: Constantly