Hi! My name is Maji and I am a ski enthusiast from the Sangre de Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico. I like to think of myself as a nutritionist for the soul, inspiring and encouraging people to prioritize the things that make them feel good. My personal regime includes eating and baking plenty of homemade sweet treats, wearing comfortable and extra soft clothing, daydreaming in hammocks, watching sunsets, and of course skiing as much powder as possible!

I am the offspring of Jewish hippies who raised me on a small horse ranch, that was closer to the ski valley then to my high school. My parents taught me about the importance of life’s pleasures and sharing. We spent my childhood eating delicious food, traveling to exotic places, enjoying good company (including our furry friends), watching pro sports and listening to good music.

After graduating from a small liberal art school in Minnesota with a degree in deep time (geology) , I realized that my life’s calling was to be a ski bum. So I dedicated my life to skiing and moved out to Big Sky, Montana to live my dream and haven’t looked back since. This didn’t surprise many, as I fell in love with skiing at the ripe age of 12 when I finally figured out how to ski powder!

My ski style was shaped and influenced by my dad and his ski bum friends who were my childhood ski buddies. I followed them down the steeps and through the moguls- where the turn is king. In this crowd of old farts, skiing is no longer about being the best or gnarliest. Instead it is about the methodical motion of a perfectly executed turn and making fun of your ski buddies. This suited me perfectly as I am not a naturally gifted athlete or talent. My strength is in my stoke, hard work and smile. For me life and skiing are not about winning, but about having fun and doing what you love because you love it!

A Pisces woman through and through, I have always had an intense passion and connection with anything related to H20. From Varsity water polo in college to mud-filled desert homemade hot tubs, I can guarantee that if there is water around I’ll be playing in it. But if I had to pick my favorite forms, it would definetly be snow and big ocean waves. When I am clicked into my skis or floating in the surf I just know that I am where I am suppossed to be. It’s where I belong. It’s home.   

Born with a free spirit and uncontrollable laughter, I am always questioning the world around me and doing things in my own way. I have been blessed with unconditional love, a unique perspective, and the cold tolerance of a yeti! Come, follow me as I live a life on purpose full of adventure, laughter, love, and skiing!