skiing is the answer

Hi my name is Maji,

Welcome to ! Here is a note explaining what it’s about.

It’s getting high on life by seeking out experiences and exploring this burning curiosity via the things I love- skiing (naked) , traveling (with friends) , swimming, meditating, eating, listening, reading, adventuring, flying ,dancing, nature, laughing and loving. 

And then coming home and changing into my comfiest clothing, crawling into a soft, warm, safe spot, getting high on my memories, music and Mary Jane and then letting the ideas flow through me. I write down and continue to develop my favorite ideas and eventually turn them into projects. I  take my experiences and synthesize them into art; writing and revelations, paintings, blankets, cookies, DIY craft snowflakes, and anything I am inspired to do. 

It’s about who I am, which is part Powder Priestess and part journalist. My best skill in life (besides my ability to tolerate cold water) has always been my ability to ask good questions and ask a lot of them. And, since I’ve already figured out what the answer is, I am now on a mission to find the questions.

You can think of my website as the Powder Priestess’s  journal, a space to document and share my traveling journey into the world and faith of Ullrism. Ullrism is the faith in which followers understand that they will be rewarded [with snow] for following and dedicating their life to their true passion(s) (aka skiing).

Feel free to enjoy, open your mind, and take inspiration !


Maji the Powder Priestess 

P.S. Pray for Snow ❄

Baretooth Butt Naked Summer Ski Party !

Post- Find out how I came to start a travel ski blog in the article below!

Skiing Kurdistan, Iraq Winter 2019

Stickers for Sale!

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