Have I ever told you I was a whale in my past life ?🐋
And It’s not just that I love them either.  It’s a connection I have always felt deep in my gut. It’s a feeling and sense that I belong out in the ocean, swimming passively around the world, going nowhere fast. 
It’s something I’ve known for as long as I can remember and something that I feel extra strong when I am in the water. 🌊
  When I was young girl, I had the chance to visit sea world every year when I went to visit my grandparents in Orlando. I loved watching the dolphins and orcas. I was so fascinated that I started dreaming about being a trainer when I was old enough. As I aged, I realized how horrible places like sea world are for these creatures, but it still didn’t kill my dream of wanting to swim with them. 
For the past couple of years I have been studying the rules of manifesting and the power of our thoughts. I am on a journey, learning how to master the art of creating my own life. And experience the things I want to experience. ❄💜💥
This past winter I had been thinking a lot about my child hood dream of swimming with whales. I wrote it down high on my life fun list (bucket list) for a second time , started researching ways to make it happen and started day dreaming about it with way more frequency, even though I had no current or future plans for an ocean visit (I had been focused on my skiing and my ski dreams). But here I was, all of a sudden in Hawaii (booked the trip a few days before I went) looking for some quality healing time after a knee injury that ended my ski season .
Hawaii wasn’t necessarily the best place for healing my actual knee (in fact it was two weeks away from my daily routine that includes my helpful knee therapy exercises). Instead, I went to Hawaii to heal my mind and spirit. The injury had put me in a nasty mental funk and I needed a serious refresh button. I needed to go somewhere that made me feel happy and joyful.  And after just a couple days of being in this different , comforting environment that’s what happened. I was back in my positive feed back loop- where I focus on good thoughts and good things happen for me. And on my last full day in Hawaii vibing extra high, I had this incredible (almost perfect) manifestation come true. I had the honor to swim with dolphins the wild. And it was everything I dreamed of!