Baretooth Butt Naked!

Summer Ski Party !

It’s July 11th. We are 3 young ladies crammed inside a 2000 Subaru Outback with marginal AC and an AUX cord connecting an old iPod classic to the stereo. We are heading east on i90 towards our weekend getaway. The car is stuffed to the brim with our camping and ski gear.

We made sure to pack wisely (utilitarian style) by filling every nook and cranny with the quintessential supplies and party favors for an awesome naked ski party -purposefully leaving minimal room for any unnecessary (emotional) baggage.

We left our everyday lives to strip down to our individual bare essentials… 

No cell phone service, no men, no clothes.  Just the mountains, summer snow, our skis (and snowboards), our free spirits, and each other.

  I originally envisioned it with more people joining in for fun skiing naked party. But, it turned out only to be the three of us. Which I now realize was perfect.

               I went on this trip to A) go skiing (I hadn’t been since the beginning of April due to an injury) and B) share the amazing feeling of skiing naked with my friends and anyone interested. Which is exactly what I did. But, instead of sharing this with a lot of people, I shared it with two of my really close friends and a couple of strangers who joined (and didn’t want to be on camera)! 

This allowed me to be extremely relaxed with no expectations. I asked questions about what they liked and preferred about the experience and what they didn’t. I sat back and mostly observed and went with the natural flow. And by doing this, I learned a little more about how to share and document this experience with others in a safe and comfortable way. So that next year, we can optimize fun, feeling good, and naked skiing at the same time. 

 Yes, there is definitely going to another party next year -mark your calendars for the

2nd annual  Baretooth Butt Naked Memorial Day 2020 !

 I am starting the Baretooth Butt Naked (B.B.N.) annual party in order to promote the positive benefits and gifts that can come from skiing naked and hanging out in beautiful mountains.

The event next year will accommodate for all styles and preferences. If you want to come and just hang out and not ski- great, if you are brave enough to get bare, butt don’t want to be on camera -great, and if you want to show off what your mama gave you to the world wide web -great ! We appreciate everyone who wants to come and celebrate our bodies no matter how you choose to participate. And we want everybody to feel comfortable so that they can have a good time. Because the gifts of a ski naked party can be enjoyed by anyone, as long as we have the right attitude and mindset. 

And so, the first annual B.B.N. party was thrown to learn what skiing naked with your old and new friends in the beautiful mountains is all about. 

(Please press play on this video if you would like to enhance your viewing experience. This song helps one reach the right state of mind for understanding the point and connecting to the awesomeness of naked skiing)

Skiing naked is about leaving all your troubles and worries behind. 

It’s about being chill and having fun regardless of who shows up.

It’s about feeling the wind on your bare skin ! 

It’s about earning your G.N.A.R. points and doing a lap for your heroes and the ones you love. 

It’s a way to make you laugh and smile uncontrollably! 

It’s about taking a beach vacation at 10,811 ft above sea level,

where a sunburn on your cheeks is your biggest concern.

It doesn’t have to be about being on camera.

It’s about loving yourself,

and celebrating our bodies for taking us skiing in the mountains.

It’s about doing things out of your comfort zone,

and conquering fear with love.

It’s about being inspired !

And being in the moment. Focusing with all your effort on not falling because snow burn on your bum hurts. 

It’s about letting your societal guards down in a safe place. 

It’s about proving to yourself and the snow gods you can do it. 

It’s about being grateful for our friends who support us and our crazy dreams!

And discovering for yourself why skiing(naked)istheanswer